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20 Frames: Dear Esther

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A couple of weeks ago I finally got my new desktop PC, a tiny VR-ready beast. I will use it to prototype and develop some VR experiments, but now I also have an incredible gaming machine. I’m spending some time playing games from my backlog, but tonight I thought “hey, I should play Dear Esther again”; it’s important to remember how pretty some games can be.  And yes, The Chinese Room’s work didn’t disappoint at all; actually, quite the opposite! Dear Esther was released in 2012 and it’s still ridiculously beautiful. To be more specific, Dear Esther was released in 2009 (when I played it) in the form of a Half-Life 2 mod. After some years, the developers decided that it deserved a full remake and everyone agreed with them.

Anyway, I also couldn’t resist taking the chance for a new post of a new 20 Frames post (previosuly: Firewatch and DRIVECLUB). The game doesn’t feature a photo mode (or at least not that I know), so I just took screenshots as if I was wandering around the island taking pictures with my full-frame 🙂 The game is divided into four chapters, so there’s not so much visual variation, but everything is so beautiful and magical… Dear Esther was one of the most influential games for me when I started making games; it is regarded as one of the first attempts at making art-games, and at the time it felt revolutionary because you could only walk and enjoy the environment (which is also the reason why many gamers didn’t like it). Enjoy the frames and feel free to use them however you want, as long as you credit me.

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