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20 Frames: A Girl Walks Alone at Night

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It’s time to extend 20 Frames to movies! Few days ago me, Henrik, Niklas and Louise went to a public screening of A Girl Walks Alone at Night. I guess the movie can be described as an Iranian vampire western: even though it was produced in the US, the entire movie is in Persian (and I watched it with Swedish subtitles hahaha) and most of the cast is Iranian. It is a vampire movie, but it’s not horror at all; it’s a really beautiful and simple love story.

I was incredibly impressed by every single shot of this art-house movie. Completely in black and white, every frame of A Girl Walks Alone at Night looks so balanced and perfect in so many ways; there is an amazing use of light which of course amplifies the effect of the monochromatic style. I decided to put some of my favorite shots below, and I would advise you to watch the movie if you want to experience something different. I think it’s the kind of movie that you really dislike or really appreciate, so yeah, it’s a bit risky I guess. The movie also features an amazing soundtrack ranging from Iranian to American songs, from folk to techno music. You can click on the pictures to see the entire frames.

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