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What is Laugh & Grow Fat exactly?

Laugh & Grow Fat is my personal blog.

Why did you give a name to your blog?

I’m not sure either.

Who are you?

I’m Alex and you probably know me.

What is this blog about?

It’s a non-thematic blog, meaning that I talk about whatever. I would guess you will read about videogames, game design, photography, music, food, politics, memes, puppies.

Why didn’t you post anything between 2016 and 2018?

I think I just lost the motivation to write. Let’s see if this time around it works better.

How often do you write on the blog?

I hope once a week. If that’s not the case it means that I am just really busy.

How can I make sure I don’t miss new posts?

If you like what I write, you can get a weekly digest in your inbox.