4 Weeks


Game Design, Programming, Art


Alex Camilleri

Game Design, Programming, Art

Kristian Romer


Project Overview

10NIS is an arcade tennis game for two players. I developed this prototype as my first Unity C# programming experience.

It is a simple local multiplayer game that I hope I will get back to in the future, as I think it has a lot of interesting design potential.

Design Goal

This was my first Unity project in C#, therefore I tried to keep the scope relatively low. I wanted to create a fast-paced tennis game with gameplay revolving around the distance between the player and the net, and capable of maintaining an “old-school arcade” feel.

My Role

For 10NIS I took care about design, art, and code. Embracing my 3D art limitations, I developed an art style inspired by old arcade games such as Pong, and mixed with modern lighting systems. For what concerns the code, I dveloped every aspect of it, starting from the game rules and scoring system, to the GUI, main menu and particle effects.