~ 3 Weeks


Lead Designer, Writing, Interface


Best Design GameLab5 WINNER

Game Description

Datagate is a transmedia investigation game designed around the raytracing engine Arauna 2.

The player takes the role of an investigator assigned to a murder case. Set in the future, the player uses the data retreived from the victim’s eye to analyze the last frame of his death.                      

The entire story unfolds through environmental storytelling that will be analyzed and discussed on an ad-hoc online board as part of a crowd-sourced investigation.

Design Goal

The project was born as a project to showcase the power of the Arauna 2 raytracing engine. Being capable of The theme of the

Being capable of calculating reflections in extreme detail (but being the process quite intense), we decided to build a static game scene for the player to be explored.   The theme of the

The core of the investigation happens through the exploration of images reflected on shiny surfaces (chandeliers, mirrors, bottles) as the player has the capacity of zooming to a very great extent without losing detail (with the downside of recalculating the entire scene information every time the player zooms in).   The theme of the

These technical limitations were great constraints that drove many of the design decisions (starting from the core gameplay and ending with details in the story and interface).

Another – more philosophical – concept that we wanted to explore was the possibility to explore a game that happens in one instant of time or, in other words, were time doesn’t move.

My Role

As lead designer I drove the project and the team into an experimental path that the rest of the team was not used to. Because of our technical limitations and design questions, I made sure that every bit of the game was consistently answering these questions even though it would mean making a very weird and experimental experience.

I design the interactions with the game, as well as the entire interface (which has an extremely relevant role in this game) while communicating with everyone in the team about important decisions driven by the design pillars.

In addition to this I also took care of creating the graphics for the interface, as well as building the website and trailer acting as a transmedia element of the experience.