4 Weeks


Level Design

My Role

I built the map in UDK, arranged the game geometries in a way to offer both vertical and horizontal gameplay, and distributed pockets of activities in order to provide a good variation of gameplay to the player. In addition to this, I designed the different quests available in the different areas of the map.

Level Description

Fyro Flautulent Firepit is a substitute new fourth level of Banjo & Kazooie (Rare Inc., 1998). After it gets chewed in the third level “Clanker’s Cavern”, waste gets stored in this underground facility where Fyro, a big dragon, needs to burn it. Fyro lives inside the waste burner, since outside of it the smell is terrible, and only the working skunks can handle it. Unfortunately, though, a big owl created different nests on top of the facility, blocking its venting system, and making work impossible for Fyro. Banjo & Kazooie need to fix the situation, making the facility active again.

Design Goal

Fyro Flatulent Firepit started as an assignment that required me to build a 3D level for Banjo & Kazooie (Rare Inc., 1998). The level was meant to substitute the fourth level, “Bubblegloop Swamp”, of the N64 game. The title “Fyro Flatulent Firepit” was already give to me, and I had to build a level able of fitting it.
I wanted to build a level that would integrate in the game world, coherently fitting after the third level.
The level had to adhere to all the rules of Banjo & Kazooie, including gameplay elements, number of enemies, NPCs, Jiggys, and metrics.