A Game By Its Cover 2012

4 Weeks

PC (Released)

Game/Level Design, Programming, Art


My Role

For this project I took care about design, programming and art. The most interesting element that I worked on was the collection of metric data, which is something that I never did in games before. In addition to this, I explored areas of randomization as well as the creation of non-interactive narrative sequences. My biggest focus, though, was the level design of the different areas.


AGBIC12 Best Audio 3RD PLACE

Game Description

Lumiko is a hardcore platform game that I built for the AGBIC 2012 competition.

Lumiko was inspired by an old Famicom cardrige.

The game features different levels tied to three difficulty modes. The narration explores the role of game designer and player in games.

Design Goal

When I first looked at it I had to turn my head 90° cw. Jackpot! I wanted to reproduce that feeling, I wanted to put the brain in that awkward situation that happens when you try to read something upside down.
I tried to achieve this through the game controls. The first idea I had was to create a game that required to use the laptop tilted of 90°. The idea was cool, but gameplay-wise I was unable to find something interesting enough.
I decided to go for something less crazy but more effective: a lot of 2D games are based on the gravity-switching mechanic. The point is that the controls change according to the gravity direction in order to make the experience more comfortable to the player. I wanted to go in the opposite direction, building a game in which the player can change the gravity direction, but the controls remain the same. In this way the brain is forced to process more information in order to provide good hand-eye coordination. Confusing? Good!