8 Months

PC, Mac, Linux

Design, Art, Sound, Programming

Game Description

Memoir En Code: Reissue is an autobiographical game album. Designed to be experienced similarly to a music album, this short experimental game explores different bits of my life as a series of interactive tracks.


Since many years I’m interested in autobiography in games. Being busy with different projects I never managed to go in-depth in this area of game development. I decided to change this and create an autobiographical game. Memoir En Code was developed in the attempt to explore autobiography in games and express a personal story through game design and storytelling.

After the original release in 2015, I worked on a new updated version of the game (now available also on Steam) with improved design, a new chapter, new graphics, and dev commentary.

My Role

Memoir En Code was my first commercial release, and a full solo-project. This means that every aspect of the game (excluding some sfx) was entirely created by myself.

The biggest achievement was to release the game on Windows, Mac and Linux and distribute it through Humble Store, Itch.io and Steam.