7 Weeks


Level Design

My Role

I built the entire whitebox of the Moon Base in UDK. A part from creating the geometries and taking care abut the gameplay flow, I was entirely responsible for the placement of weapons, spawn-points, jump-pads, and pickups. During the period in which the art team developed the actual look of the map, I supported the team trying to preserve the design of the original whitebox, while giving them freedom of expressing their vision.

Level Description

Moon Base is a 4 players deathmatch map inspired by the movie Moon. The map was build in 2 months using UDK.
A team of 6 artists worked on one entire year, resulting in what you can see in the Media section.

The Moon Base map is structured on two floors, and features a main hall, two wings, and a control area on the back. I am responsible for the entire whiteboxed map.

Design Goal

For this map I was required to build a multiplayer map for 4 players, and inspired by a movie.
During the creation of the Moon Base I focused on offering horizontal and vertical gameplay in a close-range environment.
As you can read on the Map Documentation, I aimed at creating a specific flow that could help the player move around the map with a specific logic. The main combat area offers a lot of space, as well as entrances to the wings. I also allowed a lot of air movement in order to create ninja paths that only skilled player might be able to find. The wings contain health pickups that are handy during the combat, while the control area on the back, a part from containing the rocket launcher, is narrow and puts the player in a more vulnerable position.