Game/Level Design, Writing, Scripting


Develop 2015 Indie Showcase FINALIST

Game Description

POKU is an adventure game that explores the theme of parenthood. The game is set on a remote village where the player controls a smart little girl called Aria. She has a special bond with a mysterious egg, and it is on this bond that the emotional layer of the narration is built on. We often define it as a “rotatory 3D painted adventure game” since the artstyle, together with the camera-rotation mechanic, are at the heart of the game experience. Images of the game present it as a 2D game at first, but POKU is fully 3D, and its gameplay is mostly based on this 2D-3D contrast. As I mentioned, with the story of POKU we want to explore the themes of parenthood and emotional attachment/detachment. We are creating an adventure game that stays true to classic point and click games, but that focuses more on the emotional impact of the narration and introduces new puzzle ideas thanks to our camera-rotation mechanic.

Design Goal

With POKU I want to create a point and click adventure that is true to the classics of the genre, but create a new fun way to interact with the game world and environment. On top of this, I am trying to create  a linear story with branching puzzle design.

My Role

I’m envisioning the game world with the rest of the team. I am mostly focused on the design of the puzzles, making sure that the game mechanics feel good, and that the story is beautiful and coherent. On top of this I’m also acting as a producer for the project.