8 Weeks


Design, Art, Code

Project Overview

Red Black is a prototype for a horror-adventure game. The game aims at recreating the effects of agoraphobia (fear of empty space). The prototype is unfinished, but the game mechanics supporting the fear of open spaces are implemented.

The game is based on a very specific art style in which only two colors (red and black) are composing the scene. This short demo features outdoor environments in which the player is unsafe, and indoor environments in which the player can find rest and (hopefully!) peace.

Design Goal

For a game design course I was required to create a horror prototype that would include setpieces and a clear horror mechanic. My personal goal was to create a mechanic capable of supporting a kind of fear that is not often in horror games: agoraphobia (fear of open space). I also wanted to create a unique atmosphere to the environment, which I did using only two colors, red and black.

My Role

For this prototype I took care about all the aspects of it: I programmed the entire experience, I built the environment, I took care about the audio, and of course I worked on the level design. The most interesting aspects of the development of Red Black consisted in the creation of an interesting pace, in the implementation of the game mechanics, and in the application of level design principles to audio clues.