Sony Guerrilla Cambridge


4 Weeks


Level Design

Project Overview

In April 2014 I joined Sony Guerrilla Cambridge as a game design intern. I got assigned to a new IP (later on named RIGS) with the goal to explore and prototype levels for a competitive first person shooter.

Design Goal

My main goal was to use the in-house tools to design maps that could be used internally to test and design new game modes. Rather than necessarily create deathmatch maps, I tried to create environments that would focus on team work and verticality.

My Role

I designed several maps using Maya and interfacing with in-house tools. I started with designs on paper which evolved in fully white-boxed playable environments.

I also joined the internal wiki to contribute to the design exploration of the project that – at the time – was in early prototyping stage.

What Went Right

I managed to get used to the in-house tools very quickly, which allowed me to actively contribute to the project and get/give feedback from/to the rest of the design team.

What Went Wrong

I wish I could have stayed longer to keep exploring design possibilities. During the internship I was sometimes guided by another intern, which in a way slowed me down. I often decided to directly ask other designers and leads for guidance.

It’s been a very positive experience, so I think this is the only thing that could have been improved.