Brains Eden Gaming Festival


48 Hours

PC, Android

Game/Level Design, GUI

Game Description

There Will Be Mountains is an arcade game for touch devices in which the player controls a sun spirit found lost on a barren planet. By spinning the planet, the player will terraform the lands. For the player to gain points, the sun spirit will have to be kept alive as long as possible.

Mountains will eventually raise from the ground, creating the only obstacle to avoid. The planet will eventually get filled with mountains, but thanks to the use of a special powerup, the player will be able to destroy them and generate new gameplay space.

Design Goal

The theme of the gamejam was Mountains, so the biggest goal was to create a game in which mountains where not just an aesthetic element, but rather the core gameplay mechanic. I also wanted to create a game easy to understand and play, relying on a simple control system (mouse-only / touch).

My Role

During the gamejam my main role was of tweaking the controls, balaning the game, and crafting a good game progression for the player. In addition to this, I programmed and implemented the HUD of the game, layered with visual and audio feedback.

Mini Post Mortem

What Went Right

For the first time, we managed to put in game all the gameplay elements that we intended. The biggest accomplishment, though, was the creation of a great progression for the player: a part from having a growing difficulty curve, the game includes a first (scripted) section in which all the game mechanics get taught one by one without the use of any explicit tutorial.

Managing to keep the scope down was also another great achievement. At the beginning of the development we planned additional features that we eventually decided to cut out, since they were just layering on top of the strong game machanics that we already had, and were only creating additional work for the team.

What Went Wrong

It is very difficult to say, considering the amount of polish that we managed to do in only 48 hours of work. I think that not enough feedback was given to the player for what concerns the terraforming mechanic. We could have possibly put another HUD element connected to it and, in addition, let the elements of the planet spawn everytime points are assigned to the player for keeping the planet alive.